Autism Law Summit

Autism Speaks each year hosts the Autism Law Summit, a gathering of the nation's leading experts in autism insurance reform, legislative strategy and grassroots advocacy. The Summit has evolved from an informal gathering of a handful of advocates passing around a hat to collect pizza money, to a capacity-level event.

Autism Speaks Legal Resource Center

The Autism Speaks Legal Resource Center will strategically develop and enforce key legal precedents, organize and train attorneys, coordinate legal resources, and serve as a clearinghouse for legal information and assistance to attorneys, agencies, providers, and affected individuals and families.

Webchats with Government Relations

The Government Relations team periodically fields your questions and concerns during live webchats about autism-related state and federal policy. Here's your chance to get live access to experts in federal and state autism policy.

Congressional Autism Caucus

Over 100 Members of Congress have joined the bipartisan Congressional Autism Caucus to work in support of improved federal policy towards autism research and services. A caucus website is maintained here by the co-chair, Rep. Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania.